yaD sdrawkcaB lanoitaN (Backwards Day)

About yaD sdrawkcaB lanoitaN (Backwards Day)

Date: celebrated annually on January 31

.nur ro klaw sdrawkcab a rof og dna sdrawkcab no sehtolc ruoy htiw edistuo teG .kcab syaw a tsael ta - oga elihw a detangised saw ti emussa ew tub ,yadiloh siht dniheb yrotsih eht tuoba erus ton era eW
!sdrawkcab ti od uoy sa gnol sa ,tnaw uoy revetahw gniod yb detarbelec - yaD sdrawkcaB lanoitaN si 13 yraunaJ
January 31 is National Backwards Day - celebrated by doing whatever you want, as long as you do it backwards!
We are not sure about the history behind this holiday, but we assume it was designated a while ago - at least a ways back.
Get outside with your clothes on backwards and go for a backwards walk or run.

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