Heavenly Hash Day

About Heavenly Hash Day

Date: Celebrated annually on February 2

What do Heavenly Hash Day and Ground Hog Day have in common? They each mark their distinctive celebrations on the same day, February 2. But let’s focus on the more flavorful sweet treat made with mini marshmallows, nuts and chunks of delicious chocolate.
Used in ice cream, brownies, cake, bars and cookie recipes, Heavenly Hash is sometimes also called Rocky Road or Ambrosia. Some versions of the celestial dish are a type of rice pudding that includes fruit and marshmallows or marshmallow fluff. Most today know it as an ice cream flavor.
It’s said the divine concoction was originally created by a New Orleans department store to give out to customers. In 1923, the recipe was subsequently acquired by Elmer's Candy Corp. The confection still remains a Louisiana Easter tradition.

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