National Carrot Cake Day

About National Carrot Cake Day

Date: Celebrated annually on February 3

If you have a finicky eater on your hands try feeding them a slice of carrot cake. They’ll be none the wiser as they digest the nutrients in this moist, sweet and much healthier treat made with carrots, nuts and raisins. Consider trying your ploy on February 3, a day that marks National Carrot Cake Day.
We can thank medieval times for the origins of carrot cake. Sweeteners were rare and costly then so cooks looked to common vegetables such as beets and carrots to make sugary concoctions. It is believed the cake gained popularity in the U.K. thanks to rationing during World War II.
While its origins are disputed, another story goes that a glut of canned carrots in the U.S. prompted an inventive businessman to promote and create demand for the cake.

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